Towing Services

Broken down?      Bogged?      Had an accident? 

Our 4WD tilt tray can reach your vehicle faster then any other towing company.  We can tow you back to your preferred supplier or else repair your vehicle here in Rainbow and rent you a car while you wait !

Our Services

Towing Services

We are the ONLY towing company based permanently in Rainbow Beach

Roadside assistance

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance Available

 Trust your vehicle in the hands of the ONLY towing company based permanently in Rainbow Beach & available 24/7.

Rainbow Beach 4WD Beach Towing

The ONLY locally owned 4WD Tilt Tray located in Rainbow Beach!

Servicing all beach and offroad areas near Rainbow Beach inlcuding:

      • Noosa North Shore

      • Teewah Beach

      • Double Island Point

      • Freshwater Track

      • Inskip Point.

Once you are on the bitumen we have a range of services to suit:

  • Road Tow home – With or without courtesy vehicle

  • Vehicle repairs at Rainbow Beach Service Centre – local 4wd experts

  • Hire vehicle to get home whilst your vehicle is either repaired or waiting for us to tow you

  • Want to continue your 4wding adventure? Ask us about 4wd hire whilst we repair your vehicle.

Trust the friendly team from Rainbow Beach Towing, we have over 15 years’ practical towing experience and the most current local knowledge on conditions.

Know that your vehicle and contents will be in the most experienced hands.

Trusting the local Rainbow Beach truck we can offer 24/7 emergency towing to vehicles in all areas without relying on ferry operating times dire circumstances. Don’t risk losing your vehicle due to a long wait time we can be on the beach within minutes of your call!

Road Towing

What happens when your vehicle arrives on the mainland? Do you have a preferred mechanic you would like your car towed to or would you like your vehicle towed home?

Our 2WD Tilt tray tow truck can deliver your vehicle from Rainbow Beach to any preferred destination. We can either assist you with a recommendation for our partners at for mechanical repairs or you can continue home with our 2WD tow truck

All of which can be booked in through Rainbow Beach Towing with one phone call.

Towing Rates

Our 4wd towing rates depend on a variety of factors including vehicle location and current beach conditions, tides and severity of recovery. Please contact us directly for a complete quote – please have ready the location of your vehicle, issue with vehicle, number of passengers and preferred destination.


Have you been in an accident on Rainbow Beach? If your vehicle has hit a washout, tree or has been inundated with water most insurance companies will cover this as an accident.
Rainbow Beach Towing is a highly credible company and is the preferred towing supplier for all insurance companies to get your vehicle back to the Mainland. We have developed close relationships and work with all major insurance companies to make the claims process as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.

If you’ve been in an accident call us immediately and we can help you and your family through the insurance process from start to finish.

By providing us with your insurance details we can ensure there are no upfront costs for your recovery or transport to our holding yard and workshop on the mainland.

Emergency towing service available  

For general enquiries please call between office hours of 8.00am - 5.30pm